Adirondack International Speedway

2018 Racing Classes & Schedule

         This year we will be featuring 4 cylinder Trucks,Sport Compacts, Barebones

                                       and the NEW American V8 Muscle Cars                      

                                   2018 Tentative Schedule

                                                              Subject to change...

June 29:                            STUCK IN THE MUCK!!!  29-July 1

July 1:                               Introducing American Muscle, Trucks, Sport Compacts, Bare bones, ENDURO

August 17:                      STUCK IN THE MUCK!!!  17-19


Sept. 2:                            DEMOLITION DERBY!!!  2PM

Sept. 28:                         STUCK IN THE MUCK!!!  28-30

Again, This is a Tentative Schedule. Events Will be 

Added as Details Become Available.  Thank You!!!

General Admission: $10 per person, 12 and under are Free

  Grandstand opens at 4 pm

Pit area:  $25 per person NO exceptions