Adirondack International Speedway
Welcome back to the 2016 racing season!
Attention: On June 25, 2016 there will be a 30 lap Enduro Race and Late Models will be here. Thank you, Paul Lyndaker and Staff.

Attention AIS Racers and Fans:
  Every Saturday the gates open at 3:00 pm.
  Heat racing starts at 6:00 pm sharp.

All races, including heat races, will be awarded track points this year. 

If there are minimal rain outs this year, points championships may be calculated throwing out 1 or 2 racing weeks for each driver. This takes the stress off the drivers to be there every week. Last year there were 5 rain outs so we did not start the new calculations with 1 or 2 byes.    

   Attention North Country Enduro followers: 
There will be an Enduro race on June 4th, 2016 at Adirondack International Speedway immediately following after the regular Saturday night features. For more information on rules and entry fees contact Gary Mayer at 315-723-2897. 

Rules for the 2016 Adirondack Enduro Racing

All cars must be stripped as a demolition derby car.

1. All bumper covers must be removed.
2. No glass, windshield is optional or must have some type of screening.
3. All doors must be welded or chained shut as well as the hood and trunk.

1. 4 and 6 cylinders only! NO V8's!
2. Must be stock only.

1. All four tires must be the same size and DOT (no race tires).
2. No messing with caster or camber in any way.
3. No chaining on rear axle; stock means stock!
5. Absolutely no mirrors of any kind.

1. Drivers side window net/screening mandatory and secured (window net preferred). 
2. Barring optional- hoop bar strongly recommended.
3. Fire suit highly recommended if not coveralls are needed.
4. Helmet is mandatory. 
5. Must have eye protection (glasses, goggles, face shield).

Competitors- age 14 years old and up.

2 different classes- novice and experienced if car counts exceed 20 cars total?

Attention: June 4th, 2016 there will be another 30 lap Enduro Race immediately following the regular program. Every other Saturday Night we plan to have an Enduro Race this season.

Call Gary Mayer 315-723-2897 or Dr. Samuel Yancey 315-286-4213 with comments or questions. 

      Thank you from Paul Lyndaker and the entire staff!


The 2016 tentative schedule is now available under the "Schedule" tab.

2016 classes:  Late Model elite (special events), NY Super Stock, Light truck, Sport Compact, ThunderStock, Juniors, Legends and Pro Stock-Street Stock.


Tech Questions (Dan Hockey):  315-777-0746
Greg Smith (General Manager):  315-629-4356
Sam Yancey:  315-286-4213

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